Mike and Ellen's Place
(© 2011 by Tim Fast - Folkhead Music - All rights reserved)

On the cusp of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Anchored on a hill in Carolina clay
Ten acres surrounds their sweet cabin
Where they’re still letting nature have its way

Inside their home inside yourself you can feel it
Comfort and warmth like you could never feel alone
It took many logs to build that cabin
But a family’s love made it a home

You’re guaranteed to always feel special
You’ll not be just another face
When you walk through the crooked door
At Mike and Ellen’s place

Well Mike he is her lover
And Ellen has always been his rock
You can look but you will not find two stronger
When ever trouble times have knocked

Chorus – Break

Make a livin’ by what we’re givin’
But we make a life by what we give

Lots of art lots of love endless conversation
Good cup of coffee and always good advice
And you’ll see their pictures in the dictionary
When you look in your Webster under nice

Mike and Ellen’s place

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